June 9

A blueprint for enabling multi-tenancy for production Kubernetes clusters

Learn about best practices to successfully enable a shared multi-tenant cluster model in your enterprise to save on costs, while still being able to meet your developer self-service and organizational requirements in terms of governance and security.
Talk abstract

In today’s economy, platform engineering teams are tasked with empowering developers with a great developer experience while needing to balance that with saving on infrastructure costs and operational overhead. In order to balance these requirements, platform engineering teams need to establish a process that takes into account the self-service requirement from multiple development teams. At the same time they must enforce the necessary governance and security controls needed to operate multiple teams on the same Kubernetes infrastructure platform. 

In this session, platform engineers will learn:

  • Key considerations for determining whether dedicated vs. shared clusters is the right model for an application or a development team
  • Design considerations and tradeoffs for security/operational efficiencies in multi-tenant k8s environments
  • An example process of how this can be achieved successfully via a platform as product approach in a span of a few months