June 8

Architecting an optimal FinOps Platform

This session will discuss the techniques for optimizing your cloud investments using FinOps Platform ideas. The core concepts of FinOps are well understood but consistency in implementing the recommendations provided by a plethora of reporting and analysis tools is less structured. This talk will present the blueprint to build an optimal FinOps Platform.
Talk abstract

Most organizations that have adopted the public clouds (and in some cases private clouds) over the past decade are currently struggling with an ideal way to optimize their cloud investments. This talk will focus on the techniques and eventually a blueprint for building a FinOps platform. The main points I will be focusing on are the relevance of the triumvirate of Finance, Product and Technology, core principles of the FinOps platform, and the building blocks of this platform. I will expand on the five core principles around: Data democratization, pipeline management, organizational alignment, sustainability, and the platform operating model, after which I’ll map it to the building blocks. This approach will power measurable improvements for an organization trying to optimize its cloud investments using a platform implemented in a bespoke manner, aligned with the pre-existing core technology platforms they have.

Key takeaways:

  • Why  you should consider a FinOps Platform for your cloud optimization problem
  • The key building blocks of the FinOps Platform?
  • How platform capabilities can address the reusable nature and needs of Finance, Product and Technology by bringing it all under one unified umbrella