June 9

Beyond the basics: Designing an Internal Developer Platform for the future

Current Internal Developer platforms cover a certain scope that is mostly limited to DevOps aspects. This talk is to highlight that organizations need a lot more in terms of application architecture to be truly productive, and to scope out what else needs to be covered.
Talk abstract

Internal Developer Platforms (IDPs) are gaining popularity as organizations seek to streamline their software development process, but many IDPs fall short in terms of their capabilities and scope. To truly enable rapid iteration, continuous delivery, and developer productivity, IDPs must be comprehensive and future-proof.

Most IDPs today are focused on capabilities such as source code management, containerization & orchestration, CI/CD, security and observability & monitoring. While these address most of the DevOps-related concerns, they fall short of addressing the needs of application architecture. This talk is to explore how to better design an IDP that captures more scope to make organizations and teams deliver applications much faster—and in a more robust, secure, and maintainable fashion.