June 8

Fungible network, flexible platform

As organizations build out their infrastructure platforms one of the areas that tends to get overlooked is the underlying network design. In this talk we will explore some techniques to decouple the network and provide building blocks for flexible platforms to take shape.
Talk abstract

There is an observed pattern of organizations designing and operating the network as if it was still a more rigid construct from the past. Regardless of the services being used, the network design and implementation frequently become a challenge to the adoption of the platform. The fungible, loose coupling modern infrastructure provides for other components like compute and storage have been adopted much more readily than at the networking layer. Decisions on the network architecture and operations are made with a nod towards the way things were always done, and not with a product or capability-led mindset.

 Key points:

  • Why networking is no longer build once and forget
  • What capabilities can be provided by the network
  • How using a service based approach to networking provides decoupling