June 9

How to establish your open, user-centric platform

Learn how to establish an Internal Developer Platform through an InnerSourcing approach that will boost the DevOps journey, for those looking for a scalable solution that focuses on user needs.
Talk abstract

Companies are looking to innovate at speed and so autonomous teams are expected to continuously improve, in order to deliver. In the past year or so, developer productivity and efficiency have increased in importance due to post-COVID and the current economical situation.

Since the start of the DevOps era, companies have advertised their services to build and run your software solutions. The growth of the toolbox to help your teams, and therefore the tooling landscape, has become bigger and more complex. This transformation is mixing with the agile journey making it an even bigger challenge—or opportunity!

Choose an InnerSource approach to boost your DevOps journey by deploying platform engineering together with your stream-aligned product teams. Benefit from our skills and experience and put your users first from day one. Know what matters most and iterate to mature your platform. In this talk you’ll learn:

  • How to boost your DevOps journey and the benefits of platform engineering
  • Which collaboration approach to choose by adopting InnerSource
  • Why put your users first from day one