June 8

Multi-cluster management made easy: Leveraging IaC and GitOps for accelerated app deployment

We'll discuss the challenges that platform and application teams face when managing applications across multiple environments. We'll review the thought process behind developing such a solution, and review why it is so crucial to have a consistent operational approach to managing clusters across multiple environments—while ensuring consistent deployments for applications across those environments.
Talk abstract

Platform teams focus on enabling other teams in the organization. They are responsible for providing the right tooling to the Application teams so they can deploy at scale. Using Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tooling and a GitOps-based delivery model for Kubernetes cluster provisioning and configuration greatly accelerates application deployment. It also gives application teams the ability to manage their deployment process independently. This enables multiple clusters to be managed consistently and efficiently across multiple environments. 

In this session learn how to create an automated IaC blueprint configuration to build your Kubernetes clusters across multiple environments. You will also discover how the combination of IaC and GitOps enables cluster multi-tenancy, security controls, and increases deployment velocity for application teams.