June 8

Clusters without a personality, made possible by GitOps (push or pull)

Many Kubernetes end users are trying to figure out how to manage tenancy and operations across more than one Kubernetes cluster. This talk dives into the decisions and tradeoffs involved when using GitOps at the core of building a platform in Kubernetes.
Talk abstract

Organizations on a journey to containerize applications and run them on Kubernetes often reach a point where running a single cluster doesn't meet their needs. Continuous Deployment systems built using GitOps offer a great way to ease the management of multi-cluster environments by allowing you to define your cluster’s state based on labels, abstracting away the focus from unique clusters to profiles of clusters that are easily replaced. This allows organizations to scale their fleet of clusters without needing to scale their configuration in a linear fashion, which leads to unmanageability and additional toil.

In this talk, we'll describe how to build a Fleet of fungible Kubernetes clusters, or as we like to call them, "clusters without a personality". We’ll run some demos that show the mechanics of promoting new clusters to a Fleet.