June 9

Streamlining developer platform design with reference architectures: Google Cloud use case

Developer platforms have the potential to enhance productivity and improve the experience of software developers by reducing their cognitive and operational burden. We have successfully implemented reference architectures for developer platforms on leading cloud providers such as AWS, GCP, Azure, and OpenShift. In this talk, I will focus on the GCP reference architecture.
Talk abstract

Reducing the cognitive and operational load on software developers is the key to increasing product innovation and velocity. With that in mind, in this talk, we showcase how to separate the application code from orchestration and operations concerns without breaking the DevOps model. We built cloud-native reference architectures for Internal Developer Platforms that allow operations teams to define and manage how and where workloads are deployed and within which guardrails, while still enabling developer freedom via abstraction and self-service.

Following our reference architectures you can:

  • Remove some of the stressors from product and platform teams that limit developer experience and productivity
  • Enable platform teams to drive standardization and ensure security and compliance is baked into all components
  • Remove cognitive load and frees up time of software developers to do what they do best: writing code that solves customer problems