June 9

The architecture of a Heroku-like developer experience

In this talk, Taras will cover developer experience workflows that give developers what they need to be productive running software on modern Internal Developer Platforms. This talk will cover roles that Score, Backstage, Platform API and Platform Orchestrator play in providing the experience that developers seek.
Talk abstract

How can you create a Heroku-like developer experience for any Internal Developer Platform (IDP)? 

Ten years ago, Heroku left a lasting impression on early practitioners of the DevOps movement with the introduction of push-to-deploy, self-service provisioning, ephemeral environments, integrated secret management, and environment promotion. Many IDPs lack these features today, while Heroku made these features available via the browser and a CLI. 

As the cloud native ecosystem matures, the dream of a Heroku-like developer experience (DevEx) becomes a reality. Two communities—platform engineering and Backstage—are at the forefront of bringing Heroku-like DevEx to their platforms. Taras Mankovski is a Backstage contributor and an active platform engineering community participant. 

In this presentation, Taras will share what these communities are learning about the architecture and developer workflows that make the Heroku-like DevEx a reality. This talk will cover the architecture and the role of Backstage, Platform APIs, and Platform Orchestrators in creating an empowering DevEx on IDPs.