June 8

Why use a developer-ready platform microservice template

The aim for many companies who build a platform or run choreographed microservices is to reduce developer toil. Others want to impose uniformity across microservices behavior, to reduce support and development costs. While some aim to enable meaningful integration between multiple technologies. To address these needs, we present a low code/no code framework to develop microservices for an event-driven and choreographed-based cloud-native platform.
Talk abstract

The microservice framework reduces the cognitive load on the platform developer and provides a golden path. The complexities of the underlying technologies, e.g. Kafka, Kubernetes, Prometheus, Opentelemetry, etc. are reduced by exposing them as configuration and simple APIs. Event flow control, alerting, logging, job control, monitoring, and other functionalities are presented in an integrated environment and are customizable per requirements via configuration. The takeaways for the audience are:

  • How the framework has boosted developer productivity in the TechOps organization of DELL Technologies
  • How this reduced support costs
  • Low code/no code approaches to microservice development