June 9

A carrot and stick approach to raising the bar on application quality

A platform can provide powerful leverage to scale standards for organizations, making usability, security, and design consistent across applications. But how can you enforce those standards without adding hurdles so big that your users give up in frustration? Join us as we share what works from our experience across public and private organizations!
Talk abstract

Application standards improve software quality, establishing rules for scaling usability, security, and design across your organization’s products. But enforcing those standards can frustrate your developers and slow down software delivery if you don’t integrate them into developer tools and workflows. 

Your technology platform can balance quality enforcement with ease of use by making the right path the easiest path. We’ll discuss a product management approach to quality enforcement (or “governance”) as a feature, using examples from public and private sectors, covering:

  • Platform governance methods, from written standards to automated tests
  • How your platform’s “carrots” and “sticks” can make standards less painful for users
  • How an Agile approach can help balance quality and velocity