June 9

Working with a QAOps approach: Enhancing quality and efficiency in platform engineering

In recent years, the approach to Quality Assurance (QA) in software development has evolved from a separate stage of the process to an integrated approach, known as QAOps. QAOps combines principles from DevOps and QA to ensure that quality is built into the software development lifecycle from the outset, and throughout the entire process.
Talk abstract

In this talk, we will explore how a QAOps approach can be applied in platform engineering to enhance quality and efficiency. We will discuss how QAOps practices such as automation, continuous testing, and monitoring can be used to build more reliable and robust platforms. We will also look at how QAOps can help to improve collaboration and communication between different teams in the platform engineering process.

Furthermore, we will showcase some practical examples of how QAOps practices have been successfully implemented in platform engineering including the use of infrastructure-as-code (IaC), testing frameworks, and observability tools. Finally, we will provide some tips and best practices for implementing a QAOps approach in your own platform engineering process.

This talk is perfect for Platform Tech practitioners who are interested in improving the quality and efficiency of their platforms. Attendees will gain an understanding of how a QAOps approach can be applied in platform engineering , and practical tips and examples for implementing these practices in their own platforms.