June 8

Architecting for Outcomes: A modern approach to enterprise architecture

This session focuses on a modern approach to enterprise architecture. I’ll show you how to align with the principles and practices of business agility, avoiding optimising for outputs rather than outcomes. This isn’t just theory, but real-world practical lessons from transforming both the technology strategy and the ways of working of a 30-year-old financial services organisation.
Talk abstract

In “Architecting for Outcomes”, I will share some of my learnings over the last few years when radically modernizing approaches to the principles and practices of enterprise architecture. I’ll discuss incorporating concepts from DevOps, Extreme Programming, Continuous Delivery, systems thinking, Team Topologies, Project to Product and more, all to achieve practical business value while delivering longer-term architecture and organization transformation. 

I contributed a chapter on this topic and the broader topic of technical excellence to Jonathan Smart’s IT Revolution Press book, Sooner Safer Happier.