June 9

Behind the scenes of Puppet’s 2023 State of DevOps Report: Platform engineering edition

For the past 11 years, Puppet has released a State of DevOps Report with an eye on everything trending in DevOps. This year, it focused on one singular, and important, topic platform engineering.Join Puppet’s Principal Solution Architect David Sandilands as he explores key findings within the State of DevOps report and talks about the future of DevOps through the lens of platform engineering.‍
Talk abstract

DevOps was supposed to be the great uniter of the two halves of the software world. Bridging gaps, smoothing rough edges—in short, software nirvana. And the results bore it out: As the development world caught onto the principles of DevOps, organizations almost universally reported improved collaboration, faster delivery, better software, happier developers, happier Ops, and happier consumers. But for all the ways DevOps has made things better, it’s also uncovered an uncomfortable concurrent trend that threatens the very heart of DevOps: Friction. 

With DevOps, developers suddenly had new kinds of tools and methodologies for shifting left and working with operations teams. That came with new pressures to pick the right tools and create the right workflows for development, which took their time away from the amazing software they were supposed to be developing. Instead of the speed and efficiency they were promised, some organizations were tracking diminishing returns on their DevOps initiatives.

Platform engineering is one of a long line of concepts thrown around as a solution to DevOps woes—and is currently gaining traction in the industry, current data suggests platform engineering is already working for many organizations.

Puppet’s 2023 State of DevOps Report is one of the first quantitative surveys dedicated to understanding how platform engineering is being used. It gives the DevOps world a boots-on-the-ground look at the growing trend and reveals surprising insights into its potential to give organizations the value they were supposed to be getting from DevOps at scale. With current statistics and sentiment from today’s successful platform teams, the results paint a clear picture: The future of DevOps is paved in platforms.

Building from the conclusions of the 2023 State of DevOps Report: Platform Engineering Edition, this session will show audiences a vertical slice of the platform engineering of today including: 

  • How it’s defined 
  • How it’s done 
  • Who’s doing it 

 We’ll also discuss the impact it has across departments—and provide attendees with actionable guidance as they approach platform engineering in their organizations.