June 9

Failure, heal thyself. Is digital immunity the holy grail of platform reliability?

Challenged by ever-increasing complexity, how can platform teams adopt and scale the cultural changes needed to embrace autonomic operations, the promise of self-healing architectures, and scale their SRE practices?
Talk abstract

SRE is putting reliability high on the platforms and wider tech strategy agenda. 

Digital determination is creating shiny new target operating models to support this. But with an explosion of complexity across tech ecosystems, is it really possible for platform and reliability teams to move towards a truly autonomic operational model? 

Against this backdrop of complexity is self-healing architecture—and ultimately a culture of digital immunity—ever going to be truly achievable?

This talk will explore:

  • The promise of self-healing vs the reality
  • What digital immunity actually means for you and your organization
  • The potential impact on your people, processes, and technologies
  • Where to start when building a digital immunity strategy

From this talk you will learn:

  • How to get your teams on board with digital immunity best practices
  • How this will reinforce and optimize resilience, operations, and trust
  • How platform and reliability teams can move towards these new best practices that will revolutionize their roles and value to the business