June 8

How created a platform culture that lasts went from a culture where you couldn’t say the word “platform” to now, a culture that encourages it. While the journey wasn’t a straightforward path, we are now well on our way to creating a real estate platform that differentiates and allows us to react fast to market and end-user needs.
Talk abstract

The audience will learn how to know when a platform or a platform organization is needed and where to start, both of which are key to any company’s success. Our leadership team brought together a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences, pulled together a success story that excited the company, and is continuing to get smarter, faster, and better to achieve our end state. 

The three areas of the talk will focus on the theory, the journey, and how to apply it to any organization:

Part 1: The theory

Part 2: The journey

Part 3: The playbook