June 8

How to make the business case for an Internal Developer Platform

When you see your organization solving into the same problems again and again, you may try to pitch a platform as a solution. But what if your budget-holders only see platformization as an extra cost center? How do you convince them of the value you know an internal platform brings? We’ll share our experience with how to speak platforms to management, pitching value in terms they care about.
Talk abstract

Pitching platform work to management can be difficult if they don’t already see the value. While you understand that a platform will help your organization reuse solutions to common problems, improve developer experience, and speed up delivery, those points alone won’t always sell a platform project. So what will get attention?

Re-examining the application ecosystem from management’s perspective shows priorities that platforms can help with: Security, risk mitigation, governance, cost controls, and increasing focus on delivering business value.

In this session, we’ll cover how to:

  • Make the business case for platforms beyond the technical story
  • Tie in organizational narratives around standards and governance
  • Compare the cost of building a platform vs. not having one