June 8

Making an impact as a platform product manager

Platform product management can be challenging and quite often a lonely journey. Join this session if you are interested in simple ways of making an impact and demystifying all the technical jargon associated with the role.
Talk abstract

As Platform Product Managers (PMs), we are responsible for managing a platform product's development, reliability, and evolution. This includes: 

  • Defining the platform vision and strategy in line with the company objectives.
  • Collaborating with internal partners (I call developers partners, instead of customers or users) to build a seamless developer experience.
  • Optimizing for developer productivity (there is an element of cost optimization here as well).
  • Managing technical risk.
  • Communicating effectively and abstracting all the technical jargon.

These are big topics which can be tackled individually but as Platform PMs we need to master the basics of these well.