June 8

Platform engineering: From culture to practice

Do you want to move to the next stage of DevOps- Platform Engineering? Then this talk is for you. From discussing why, to how to create a platform engineering organisation, to which tooling and approaches to apply to create the team, the platform, culture, and the proper process. The talk will include demos and practical tooling guidance, based on experience.
Talk abstract

During the last ten years, my teams have delivered three web cloud platforms. I went from an architect to a director, and now global head of engineering, during which time I managed organisations from 10 to 300 employees.

This talk will cover:

  • How to find a use case and discuss the platform proposal with the C-suite 
  • Which tools and teams SDLC approaches to use for building your platform
  • How to create your platform as a product and not only deliver to internal teams, but to the customers

All insights come from my experience of doing this at a small and enterprise delivery scale, and I’ll include live demos.