June 8

Platform teams or center of cloud excellence? Differences, overlaps, and a look forward

Many companies have started to form platform engineering teams while others are supporting their cloud journey with a Center of Cloud Excellence (CCoE). Although both terms come from different angles, they share similar ideas. In this presentation you'll learn what the various concepts are, how to get started, potential pitfalls, and how you can avoid them.
Talk abstract

Depending on which angle companies have started their DevOps journey, they are either taking a platform engineering approach or starting a cloud journey with a Center of Cloud Excellence (CCoE). Both approaches come with their own challenges. These include team formation, ensuring adequate financing (budgeting), having a clear understanding of roles and responsibilities, and supporting domain or product-specific teams.

This talk will be a mix of state-of-the-art discussions around those topics and my personal experiences in this domain. I’ll share my work experience in this area which started in 2017, when I formed the first platform engineering team for Generali Switzerland. Later I'll move over to how I see customers support their cloud journey with CCoEs, in my current role as a Senior Solutions Architect at AWS.

Three key points participants will learn:

  • The similarities between platform engineering teams and CCoEs
  • How platform engineering teams differ from CCoEs
  • Best practice to adopt within their own CCoE's or platform teams