June 8

Recreating the experiences of theme parks, roadside assistance, and doctor’s offices

There are numerous experiences we can learn from as we deliver solutions for our fellow developers. These experiences help us identify areas where we can improve and continue to innovate in the platform space, to assist developers in supporting the missions of our companies.
Talk abstract

Each industry has its own unique approach to creating an excellent experience for its customers. For example, theme parks focus on providing a "magical" experience for their guests. They consider how guests move through the park, set the stage for guests, and even offer ways to skip lines. Roadside assistance services provide both paved road solutions and support services. They help drivers throughout their journey, not just when they have an emergency. We can also learn from how doctors and clinical professionals approach patient care. By applying their care model to building platforms, we can build better relationships with our developers.

In this talk you’ll learn:

  • Theme parks: We should create magical experiences as we consider how developers are our guests, we set the stage for developers, and enable guests to skip the line.
  • Roadside assistance: We create and manage paved road solutions, but we must also consider how we provide roadside assistance to support the entire customer journey.
  • Doctor's office: We should build relationships based on how clinical professionals approach patients using a Connect, Introduce, Ask permission, Respond, and Exit model for providing care.