June 8

Smash through the complexity limit and turn every team into a tiger team

What makes tiger teams so successful? How do we emulate this across an organization? The complexity limit is a driver of cognitive load for software teams and prevents all teams from becoming tiger teams. With the right strategies in place, platform engineering teams have the opportunity to turn every software team into a tiger team, creating a powerful environment of happy and successful teams.
Talk abstract

Most organizations have a tiger team story, a team who were pulled together and given what they needed to deliver something critical in record time. Lessons are shared across the organization in the hope of emulating tiger team success, but nothing changes, and the success becomes a distant memory. So why can’t all teams be a tiger team? Why do tiger teams only exist in captivity?

The organizational complexity limit is a killer of tiger teams, preventing them from surviving in the wild. The good news is platform engineering is the key to lifting the complexity limit, making every team a tiger team! Join this session to learn:

- What is the complexity limit?

- Why platform teams are critical to tiger team survival in the wild

- How to lift the complexity limit with platform engineering