June 9

Testing platforms

"Treat your Platform as a product" is a paradigm that also includes testing it as a usual software product. In this talk, I'll go over modern software testing approaches and how they apply to platforms. I'll also provide insights on how Humanitec is testing its platform orchestrator.‍
Talk abstract

At PlatformCon 2022, Bryan Finster gave a talk on "Building an Effective Delivery Platform", clearly explaining why you should "Treat your Platform as a product".

Treating your platform as a product means that it should be tested, released, and maintained as a product. This is where modern software testing approaches prove highly valuable.

This talk will give an overview on:

  • What it means to treat your platform as a product from a Quality Assurance perspective
  • How the development of a platform can be supported with continuous testing and other methods
  • Insights on how Humanitec's Platform Orchestrator is tested, and what methods and tools we use internally to deliver a quality platform product to our customer