June 9

The future of Ops is platform engineering

A lot of flamebait has been dropped about how platform engineering means that "DEVOPS IS DEAD!#@!" Stuff and nonsense. Platform engineering is what you get once you fully commit to the idea that software engineers should own their code in production. It's about the *convergence* of developers and Ops in the glorious future, where every engineer writes code and owns what they write.
Talk abstract

Generalist infrastructure jobs are disappearing, and infra engineers should choose between either building infra as a service, or becoming a platform engineer and using their expertise to help companies use as *little* infrastructure as possible.

Platform engineering teams are very different from SRE and DevOps teams. Not necessarily in skill set, but in orientation. Platform engineering teams are responsible for developer velocity, not stability and uptime. While developers are responsible for their OWN stability and uptime.

Vendor engineering may not sound hot, but it's one of the most powerful, highly leveraged roles any engineer can perform.