June 9

The roadmap impact: A blueprint for success

A good, long-term roadmap creates a lot of clarity for the platform team and its users. But what's a good way to balance the various needs of different users? How can the platform team get good feedback on its vision? And how do you get organization-wide buy-in for it all? If you want to learn how to accomplish all of these goals, this session is for you!
Talk abstract

Getting a clear, consequential and challenging long-term platform roadmap is crucial for success. It creates alignment, drives engagement and provides much-needed clarity to everyone involved: The platform engineers, product management, and the developers using your platform. But, how do you align competing user asks with your own team’s needs? How do you create a high-quality roadmap if you don’t have a skilled product manager to drive its creation? 

In this talk, we’ll share with you the journey that Forter’s Platform Engineering group went through to bring together a multi-year, engineering-wide, aligned platform roadmap. We’ll explain what worked and what didn’t, specific facilitation techniques that helped us converge on a unified view, and how this direction helps us set a vision for our group. You’ll walk away with:

  • A beginning-to-end process for generating your own platform roadmap
  • Ready-to-use facilitation guides for each step of the process
  • Insights that will guide you in adapting this process to your needs