June 9

The secret to empowering your IDP teams using product management

One of the challenges companies are facing in 2023 is the need to have more efficient and high-performance teams. Especially Internal Developer Platform (IDP) teams who used to be recognized as task-based, and who now need to focus on problem-solving approaches to feed the value proposition chain until reaching external users. Have you thought about product management to support and empower this shift in Platform Engineering teams?
Talk abstract

While technology continues to advance and become more powerful, it also introduces complexity and cognitive load through organizational processes. Internal Developer Platform (IDP) teams must manage this complexity while also developing new solutions for internal users. But how can this be achieved by a team that has traditionally been reactive and relied on minimum solutions to be effective?

At will bank, a Brazilian fintech, as technical product managers we are integrating product sense onto platform teams and noticing a huge shift by taking proactive action to create a platform that is user-friendly, scalable and valuable to the business. In this talk, we are excited to share:

  • Our learnings
  • Takeaways you can also apply to your company
  • Real examples of how to manage problems that can arise from this new approach