June 9

The seven deadly sins of platform development

Pride, gluttony, vanity, and worse. The vices of people are not too dissimilar from the problems of platforms gone wrong. In this talk you will learn the many patterns of what goes wrong in platform development, to help you avoid the worst pitfalls in your journey.
Talk abstract

If platforms were easy, anyone could build them. When a platform effort fails, it usually directly maps to a common failure pattern that comes from the decisions of humans involved.

In this talk we break down how things like pride lead to "build it and they will come". Or how gluttony can lead to cost spirals that can bankrupt your company. Through these failure patterns, we will learn to spot the issue early and understand credible ways to mitigate the risk. Join this talk to learn:

  • Common failure patterns of platform efforts
  • Symptoms present in each pattern
  • Means to mitigate and de-risk your platform efforts