June 9

Why treat your new Internal Developer Platform as a startup

Know your target market. Validate your idea. Build a minimum viable platform (MVP). Iterate and improve. Sound familiar? Even the most technically perfect solution is useless if nobody is using it. Launching a new Internal Developer Platform shares many of the same characteristics as running a startup. This means that a lot of the same product management tactics also work here! So get ready to wear many hats.
Talk abstract

Product market fit is extremely important to get right. In platform engineering, this essentially means knowing what capabilities to focus on and what unique selling points you have. Without a product mindset and thinking about your development teams as customers, you’ll have a hard time convincing your developer community how this is good for them. Focusing on business outcomes as your first priority allows for clarity and focus. This means doing sales, marketing, communication management and whatever else it takes to run a successful (business) Internal Developer Platform!  

The audience can expect to learn:

  • How to define your minimum viable platform
  • How to Leveraging reference customers
  • The Importance of marketing