June 8

How ING built a platform to reach their customers faster and more meaningfully

In this presentation we will go through some of the challenges that we, as platform providers, faced during the scale of our technology platform. We’ll discuss what difficulties our consumers encountered while building products on top of our platform, and what solutions we implemented to improve the overall experience and “empower our consumers to reach their customers ever-faster and ever-more meaningfully".
Talk abstract

ING technology platform enables engineers to build global business propositions to over 30 million customers worldwide. It offers hundreds of reusable components and is a core component in the ING technology landscape. 

As the platform grew, the benefits of reuse were diminished by the complexity of assembling solutions. Our developers were wasting a lot of effort configuring core services rather than on their business logic. As a result, the goal of productizing the platform became a priority with a focus on journey automation. 

We implemented our Automation Framework, a system to enable self-service and configuration automation. On top, we built a unified UI management cockpit for engineers to manage and monitor their apps. It is the FOUNDATION that enabled faster product assembly and a more frictionless experience. We will go through its different set of tools: Resource Manager, CLI, GUI, and Wizards— and explain how it helped improve the developer experience. 

 Our audience is expected to learn:

  • The challenges we faced as our platform grew 
  • The importance of self-service and journey automation for scalable platforms
  • A brief overview on our Automation Framework and Console solution