June 8

From platform teams to a platform organization: Connecting the dots

A year ago we changed our existing platform approach. Where we (Central Platform Organisation) weren’t actually helping the developers, we needed to connect the dots. However we firstly needed to identify which dots were worthy. In this talk, we share lessons from our platform journey to improve developer experience from a fragmented approach to an integral approach; the developer journey.
Talk abstract

The Dutch railway network is among the most complex in the world. The IT department (>1500 Engineers) has become the backbone of the operation, with the Central Platform Organisation (CPO) at its center.

CPO delivers IT4IT from the workplace to the landing zone. A diversity of platform teams are working on this, but still, the developer journey (experience) isn’t all roses. We needed to step it up, so we’ve built the Developer journey and are empowering initiatives like SSD and Paved Roads.

Key learnings:

  • Grow from separate platforms teams who are only partly successful, to a successful platform organization
  • How the developer journey helped us in connecting the dots
  • The challenges of building a new connected platform organization out of an existing one