June 9

Efficiency and platform engineering

Join us on a journey where we share how we transformed a complex microservices architecture into a scalable platform that manages over 26 thousand microservices and supports over 12 thousand developers, in a highly productive environment. We'll discuss the key insights we've learned including the challenges, the solutions we implemented, and the best practices we adopted.
Talk abstract

In this talk, we will share our motivation to build our platform FURY, its benefits, lessons learned, trade-offs, and mistakes. We will perform a general view of Fury and then go deep into some topics, such as:

  • Developer experience: How Fury optimizes Developer's productivity and creates the NoOps culture by providing out-of-the-box management for code repositories, a robust CI/CD Pipeline, metric providers for complete observability and cost management
  • Opportunities creation that suggests or applies updates for critical vulnerabilities, cost optimization, and others
  • The Service abstraction layer
  • Acting quickly to solve issues such as availability zone outages, the log4j vulnerability, or promptly responding to government regulations