June 9

Shift left! Build it right! Discover the DevEx journey

The path to building amazing software starts with empowering engineering teams to work autonomously and build faster. However, the increase in the landscape of tools, systems, technologies, compliance, decisions, and tasks that developers must navigate leads to decreased productivity. Teams are being forced to make unexpected handoffs and decisions, interrupting the flow of work and leading to developer fatigue.‍
Talk abstract

In this talk, we will discuss Discover's journey in creating a better developer experience by creating a singular path for developers to follow, to accomplish a specific task. This path is powered by standardized processes, technologies, and tools to accelerate software delivery.  

We will start with the goals of our Golden Paths and our guiding principles, which serve as a rubric for each path. We’ll talk about how this approach creates the opportunity to reduce cognitive load and simplify the path to the next best action, decision, and focus on the things that matter. We’ll discuss how our product is driven by the open-source principles of trust, transparency, and collaboration to make our developers’ dreams come true! 

You’ll learn from an example of how we designed our Golden Paths integrated with the rest of the organization. Finally, we’ll share the impact we created through the lens of quality and usage metrics. 

But do we want to stop here? Of course not! We’ll also share our future goals of optimization and self-service along with the tools and platform to support the experience!