June 9

Structuring effective cross-functional SRE teams

Companies of various maturity levels and starting points can learn how to structure and lead SRE teams for maximum impact towards building and adopting shared developer platforms. This session will cover culture (behaviors incentivized), program and portfolio management, and engagement structures drawn from successes building shared developer platforms at AB InBev, NYTimes, and National Geographic.
Talk abstract

The benefit of building shared developer platforms is alleviating cognitive load from product teams who have to worry about both their product and their infrastructure and tooling. But platform teams have their own cognitive load to deal with. So how can a platform engineering team focus on the nuts and bolts of building a great platform, while also staying connected with their product teams and providing ongoing support for their tooling? The answer: Well-designed SRE teams. 

In this presentation you will learn:

  • How to structure SRE teams to maximize adoption and quality platform design
  • How to go about road-mapping your developer platform
  • Program management and engagement strategies that will accelerate implementation, adoption, and satisfaction