June 9

When a platform isn’t enough: Building an experimentation culture

You have an experimentation platform. Whether a third-party platform or an internally built tool, you’re excited to understand the impact of product changes on your user and make data-informed decisions. Awesome! But there’s a problem, the company isn't actually running that many A/B tests. In this talk, we’ll discuss common blockers to a healthy experimentation culture and how to address them.
Talk abstract

We are terrible at predicting how users will react to product changes. Only a third of product changes end up “working.” This is why A/B testing is so important, it is the best way to understand how a change impacts the users and business. Typically when a company sets out to experiment, they build a platform and then are disappointed to find that the promises of experimentation are not being realized. A platform is necessary for achieving a “healthy experimentation culture,” but not sufficient. In this talk, the audience can expect to learn the following:

  • What a healthy experimentation culture looks like
  • Why a platform is a critical piece of a healthy experimentation culture
  • How process and analysis are also crucial for achieving a healthy culture