June 8

Abstracting Kubernetes and setting standards with internal developer portals

Developers find it difficult to manage Kubernetes, let alone understand it when troubleshooting or developing in a shift left world. Internal developer portals can be used to abstract and whitelist K8s data and set standards through scorecards.
Talk abstract

Everyone seems to be talking about internal developer portals these days. But can they really boost your platform engineering efforts? Let's discuss!

Suzanne will explore the ins and outs of bringing Kubernetes (K8s) data into your portal, what to “whitelist” for developers, and how to drive quality standards. We'll demo how to bring K8s data and ArgoCD data into a software catalog, examine an ideal data model for the catalog, and show you how to set scorecards to create a culture of quality engineering. In this talk you will:

  • See how the data gets populated in the portal and how it’s used by DevOps, SREs, developers, on-call, and even CI workflows.
  • Learn how developer self-service is set up from redeploying image tags, restarting running services, and changing replica counts.