June 9

Automate R&D workflows using serverless functions

As the cloud-native environment becomes increasingly complex and dynamic, it presents numerous challenges for platform teams. Managing software development manually is difficult and prone to human error and security issues, making automation essential for reducing workload and increasing security.
Talk abstract

Automating software operation, maintenance, development, and management relieves developer burden as well as communication costs, while saving time and energy. 

In this talk, Michael will share how to use serverless functions to manage multiple open-source and commercial software projects. The engineer writes flow functions by coding the operational logic. Then, flow functions connect commonly used SaaS platforms for developers such as GitHub, GitLab, Slack, JIRA, Twitter, ChatGPT, email, and SMS. For example, when a developer submits a PR on GitHub, a flow function uses ChatGPT to summarize the content of the PR and then invites reviewers to a Slack group according to predetermined rules. Reviewers can directly reply to messages in Slack, allowing the flow function to automatically merge the PR on GitHub.

Michael will also discuss how to develop and deploy such flow functions to automate software development management, reduce workload, enhance security, and optimize platform engineering processes so as to streamline their workflows and increase productivity.

The audience will learn about:

  • Automating code review and merge workflows after code submissions
  • Automatically assigning, reminding, and responding to GitHub issues or discussions
  • Real-time tracking of key metrics of community activity, early detection of issues or trends
  • Automating interaction with community developers