June 9

Automating away bugs with Error Prone in practice

Error Prone is a powerful tool for detecting and preventing bugs and anti-patterns in Java codebases. It is capable of automatically suggesting and applying fixes at scale. This talk is a practical guide on how to introduce Error Prone in your codebase, enabling large-scale automated refactoring.
Talk abstract

For years, Picnic has leveraged the capabilities of Error Prone to streamline our development process through large-scale automated refactorings across our entire Java codebase. This approach not only resolves bugs once and for all, but also leads to a more consistent and high-quality codebase.

We will share our own experiences and learnings from Picnic's journey of using Error Prone, including the process of creating and enabling our own set of custom rules from our open-sourced Error Prone Support repository. 

Key learnings will include: 

  • Why Error Prone is a powerful tool that can automatically fix and "enforce" coding guidelines, improve code consistency, remove bugs, and fix anti-patterns in your codebase
  • How to set Error Prone up for your company
  • How to approach the rollout, from a Platform team perspective