June 8

Beyond environment variables: A deep dive into efficient configuration management

Configuration management is a key component in infrastructure. Suboptimal practices in config management will add friction to code changes, put infrastructure security at risk, and significantly drag down engineering productivity. In this talk, we dive into SafeGraph’s journey of moving from a clumsy config and secret management approach to a more streamlined and centralized strategy.
Talk abstract

Config management refers to the versioning, testing, and deployment of application settings across different environments. In this talk, I’ll go over how we built a config management system for facilitating multi-environment app deployments, secure access of credentials, and faster engineering iteration. This system is used by our critical internal services and serves configs for 1000s of Apache Spark applications processing massive volumes of data.

In this talk, you will learn how we:

  • Expose secrets to applications while following the principle of least privilege
  • Update configs without rebuilding and re-deploying our entire application
  • Version and release our configs facilitating faster engineering iteration
  • Share configs between different environments and applications