June 8

Enable secure self-service access to Kubernetes clusters with Paralus

This talk dives into the challenges and design considerations that platform teams have to take into account to enable secure KubeAPI server access for their users. We’ll discuss how Paralus OSS can make it extremely simple for enterprises to implement a zero-trust model to achieve this.
Talk abstract

Enterprises looking to scale out their Kubernetes (k8s) operations need to manually manage access to each cluster using jump hosts or VPNs, and build custom tooling to audit and map all actions performed to a user’s identity. All of these are error-prone and increase the risk of breaches as the number of clusters grows. 

In this talk, we will outline: 

  • The typical challenges that enterprises face 
  • The criticality of integrating best practices across Secure Access, Kubernetes RBAC, and SSO to enable a Zero Trust model for k8s infrastructure access
  • Key design considerations and tradeoffs platform engineers can leverage to enable secure k8s access
  • How Paralus OSS can help platform teams enable a seamless kubectl experience, and centralize the config of k8s access controls for their developers across clusters running in public cloud environments and/or on-premise data centers