June 8

Kubernetes and WebAssembly boldly venturing into new frontiers

Best-selling author and video-trainer Nigel Poulton uncovers a future where Kubernetes and WebAssembly work together to change the future of cloud native, and boldly go where Kubernetes could never go before.
Talk abstract

Virtual machines powered the first wave of cloud computing. Kubernetes and containers powered the second wave. The third wave is now upon us, and it's being powered by cloud-native WebAssembly (Wasm).

Why? Because WebAssembly creates smaller, faster, more secure, and more portable apps. This is why technologies like Docker and Kubernetes are scrambling to provide native support for WebAssembly.

This session covers the benefits and impacts of WebAssembly in the cloud, and uncovers some of the ways it's being integrated with core infrastructure technologies like Docker and Kubernetes. It also explains how it's powering Kubernetes into use-cases and environments where it previous couldn't go. Finally, it outlines some of the changes Kubernetes needs to make in order to maximise the value of WebAssembly. 

When you're done with this session, you'll be excited to learn more about cloud-native WebAssembly and try it out with technologies like Docker Desktop and Kubernetes.