June 9

Let's get started with Apache Kafka®

This 15-minute talk introduces the fundamental concepts behind the Apache Kafka platform. We'll start by looking at the event-driven mindset behind using the platform, and finish up with some good configurations to know for producers and consumers. The session is appropriate for beginners.
Talk abstract

Over a third of respondents to last year's StackOverflow survey professed a dread of learning Apache Kafka. Nevertheless, with a curious mindset and the right resources, we have the tools to succeed in learning to use the Kafka platform. Take the plunge with me; together, we will conquer concepts like:

  • Events and topics, producers, and consumers
  • Partitions and brokers
  • Different configurations for producers and consumers, and how these configurations affect application behavior

You'll be leaving with a spark of excitement knowing you have neutralized your dread, and that you are now firmly within the two-thirds of StackOverflow respondents who are comfortable learning Apache Kafka.