June 8

Simplified infrastructure with Istio (yes, really!)

Istio is known by many names: Service Mesh, API Gateway, Nightmare-Inducing-Software. It has been criticized for being very complex and difficult to use. In Signicat, Istio represents the boundary between platform teams and service teams and replaces a number of other tools and processes. The result for us was more features with fewer moving parts!
Talk abstract

The audience can expect to learn how Istio enables Signicat to:

  • Automate manual processes
  • Provide security built-in
  • Provide team autonomy

Why the need for a dedicated tool to configure “just” a web server? We’ll provide a description of Signicat's problem domain (microservices, scale-up, M&As, regulated customers and their industry specific requirements), the previous tech stack attempting to solve the same problem, and context explaining how Istio is useful. This includes audits, different ways of working, and integrations. Finally, we’ll discuss the Gateway initiative from Kubernetes, and the potential for standardization of traffic APIs and vendor neutrality in this space.